Innovative, State of the Art & Environmentally Friendly Production Equipment

State of the Art Equipment

Meet Kuka.

Talk about innovative. Our production staff is always on the lookout for efficient production solutions so we can get you what you need, faster. That's how we met Kuka. We've employed this state-of-the-art robotic system to automate our manufacturing processes and create an even flow of material at a faster rate of production. This results in a system that delivers endless performance and meets industry's demand for uncompromising quality, competitive price and accelerated turn around times from receipt of order to date of shipment.

Unitray now offers a unique and cost saving service for customers who require rapid and precise non-ferrous metal and plastic extrusion cutting. With our new automated saw, we are capable of cutting with a +/- 0.0030" tolerance. Our saw has the capacity of 240" L x 24"w x 7"h. Combined with our state of the art CNC sheet metal manufacturing equipment, we can supply any product, any time.