Unitray is a Leading Manufacturer of Aluminum Cable Tray

Unitray Aluminum Cable Tray Products

Uncompromising Quality

Unitray is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of aluminum cable tray. We manufacture CSA approved Class C, D and E cable tray and fittings with standard 3m, 5m and 6m lengths. Other customized lengths are also available to suit the needs of your project. Our Class E tray also meets and exceeds the NEMA 20C classification which is slightly higher than CSA Class E.

Unitray is also the sole supplier for FASTRAY®. FASTRAY® cable tray have unique features that make this product reliable, robust and cost effective. You'll save time and money by cutting your field labour in half. The FASTRAY® system is simplistic, utilizing fewer components and generates greater design load capacities. Key features of FASTRAY® products include:

  • Ready to install fittings that require no cutting or measurements.
  • They are shipped flat, therefore reducing the space required for storage
  • Connecting hardware requires no tools and can be installed in harsh climates without removing gloves
  • Covers and Accessories protect cables from contamination and pests while still providing ventilation
  • Different finishes and materials allow for design and pricing alternatives

When your project is on the line, you expect nothing less than uncompromising quality, a competitive price and sound customer service. This includes timely deliver of a high end product and the access to production specialists who can react quickly and efficiently to the changing needs of your business.

While some cable tray manufacturers can take 3-4 weeks to process your order, Unitray manufactures and delivers cable tray systems in 3-5 days. Smaller orders and stock items ship the same day. How? For one, we sell directly to you - no middle man. We also manufacture and stock component items at our Edmonton warehouse, allowing us to react to production changes by fabricating "custom" parts quickly and accurately.

We enjoy passing the time (and the savings) on to you.